Make it Personally Relevant

4 Tips for Great Engagement Session Photos

…Style your session around who you are as a couple. Think about three things you like to do most together…being outdoors, hiking, at the beach, picnicking in your backyard, snuggling up at home or whatever makes you feel connected. The answers to this question will help determine the location and style of shoot that will describe your relationship best.

…Use a location that is special or meaningful to you. The place(s) that you choose to take photos speaks to who you are as a couple so it’s important to decide on a place that will be a good fit for your personalities. You will be the most comfortable and relaxed together if you are familiar with the location or if there is a significance to being there.

…Choose YOUR favorite outfit(s). The photos taken at your engagement session will be a wonderful source for reflection for years to come. Your clothing and accessory selections should reflect your individual personalities and style. Wear what you love so that when you’ve grown old together and look back over the photos, you actually recognize yourselves.

…On the day of the shoot, forget about everything else and focus on each other.  The expression of love is the key ingredient for amazing engagement photos. During your session, enjoy each others company and savor the opportunity to express your affections for one another. Let your passion flow through tender touches and flirt a little bit. Act like high school sweethearts, kiss when you want to, and by all means, make each other laugh. When you relax and let the true nature of your relationship shine through, amazing natural photos will be the result.