Bart and Sheryl – Oak Alley Plantation Wedding

Bart and Sheryl planned their dream destination wedding at Oak Alley Plantation, in Vacherie, Louisiana. Historic Oak Alley is one of the most amazing settings in Louisiana for wedding portraits so we are always thrilled to have the opportunity to work there. As part of our wedding preparation, we always gather as much information from clients pre wedding as possible. One of the concerns that the blushing bride expressed was the possibility of rain. We informed her that in South Louisiana, inclement weather is always a possibility, especially in April. We assured her there was no need to worry. Stormy weather would just make her wedding experience at this wonderful venue all the more interesting. Little did we know that Mother Nature had one heck of a surprise for all of us.

In the days leading up to the wedding, the weather forecast predicted downright scary conditions. Severe thunderstorms, hail and tornadoes were all expected. Some of the worst weather Louisiana has experience in years was predicted to be passing through right around the time the wedding was scheduled. Having had prior experience with rainy conditions, we were well prepared to work in the rain. Tornadoes and lightning storms, well, let’s just say that got our attention.

The wedding day came and the weather was just as predicted. Ferocious storms were raging through all of Louisiana. Despite the circumstances, Bart and Sheryl arrived right on time and their spirits were high. It was clear that nothing was going to put a damper on their big day. Danielle and Penny with Oak Alley Plantation had plans in place to deal with inclement weather so Bart and

Sheryl knew that no matter what, things would work out. As the wedding time approached, the weather granted us all a welcome reprieve from the gale force winds and thunderous lightning. With only light rain and cool air remaining, the grinning couple exchanged their vows. What a joyous occasion it was as friends and family enjoyed this intimate wedding. Here are just a few of our favorite moments from Bart and Sheryl’s wedding.


Wedding Venue: Oak Alley Plantation, Vacherie, LA – (225) 265-2151

Florist: Beth’s Flowers – Metairie, LA – (504) 455-2353

Officiant – Sensational Ceremonies – Rev Steve Trahan – New Oreans, LA – (504) 914-8008