Sleeklens – Photo Editing Made Easy

Working as a professional wedding and portrait photographer in Southeast Louisiana is such a rewarding experience. Through the years, I have learned many valuable lessons in my development as a photographer. One of the most important lessons being that creativity is essential to achieving truly memorable images. Stunning images require the perfect balance of chemistry between the photographer and subject, proper posing, balanced lighting, and finally professional editing. For photographers, while each of these ingredients are essential for the creation of captivating images, editing can be one of the most time consuming and labor intensive. In my never ending search for new and innovative ways to increase workflow efficiency, I recently discovered a gem, Sleeklens. Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom are two of the most common software applications utilized by professional photographers. In this photographers opinion, they are the best options for post processing available on the market. While I rely heavily on both applications in my workflow, they can sometimes require a significant investment of time and effort to achieve the desired results. I recently discovered an innovative company that has improved the efficiency of my workflow and also been a source of educational as well. Sleeklens, based out of Denmark, offers a comprehensive menu of photography related resources and products for professional and amateur photographers alike.

From educational blogs to presets and templates, Sleeklens has something sure to improve every photographers skills and imagery. I recently had the pleasant experience of working with their Forever Thine Wedding Workflow. This inexpensive package includes a fantastic set of wedding oriented presets and some really handy retouching brush presets. The installation was simple and in less than five minutes I was applying presets to images that reflected my personal style. Surprisingly, for many images, there was no need to even continue editing in Photoshop or any of my other post processing software applications. Kudos to this innovative software designer for their cutting edge editing tools. I look forward to working with their wonderful array of photography editing packages in the future. Learn more about Sleeklens at and